Friday, September 25, 2015

Life is Worth Capturing

Hi Everybody!
I wanted to share a story that happened with my daughter the other day.  My kids and I were talking about how much they've grown up, and how different they are physically (no more chubby cheeks!).  I went over and grabbed the scrapbook that I have all their school portraits in to look through.  My youngest daughter asked to see pictures of her.  I looked through a few more books, and was only able to find pictures of her as a baby, nothing recent.  She said "It's kind of hard to find pictures of me."  (Insert heart breaking sound here!!)  I was so sad that I had fallen so behind, and promised her I would find some recent pictures of her and we would scrap them together.

Sometimes life can get so busy, and we can get caught up in aaaaaaaaall the responsibilities we have.  Whether it's kids, work, family, seems like there is always something that needs to get done!  Close To My Heart created this amazing video that helps to remind us that we NEED to create, document, and share.  I would love for you all to take a look......

I am incredibly lucky that what I LOVE to do is also something that helps record and celebrate my family!  I hope you guys will take some time to create.  Send a card to someone who could use a little pick me up, or a reminder that someone is thinking of them.  Grab some photos with some Picture My Life cards, and put together an album about you in minutes.  Your family and friends will love it!  

TFL, and hope everyone has a chance to craft today :)

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