Saturday, December 26, 2009

Super Cool New Gypsy Update!

Hi Everybody!

Did you all have a great/fantastic/get what you wanted (time with family, everything done, gift you wished for) Christmas?!! I had a great one. More on that another time. I really just wanted to do a quick post for any of you that have a gypsy. I happened to check for an update last night, and found that there was a new one from the 23rd. To my surprise, it included a photo app! So if you have a gypsy, check the Cricut message board for any pros and cons to the update, and any problems that have come up BEFORE you decide whether to do the update or not. I have not had any problems with my Gypsy at all, so I went ahead and did it. So far, it looks to me like you can only view your photos, but I just did the update last night. More updates as I play with this cool new app more! Hope everyone has a chance to craft today!!!!

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