Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Projects with Elmo Party Cart

Hi Everybody!
I'm so happy to finally be able do a project post! My daughters birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I was determined to make the things for her birthday. And I had been DROOLING over the Elmo Party cart ever since I heard about it coming out. I made all these the night before her birthday, so I'm sorry I don't know any of the sizes! So check out these projects. Enjoy! And I hope everyone got a chance to craft today!

This was my favorite thing I got to make. I'm DEFINITELY not a sewer, so I found this great iron on flock material that I was able to use in the Cricut. I cut the Elmo head on page 28. This cut really easy with the Cricut. I used a Creative Memories punch for the stars. Then I colored Elmo with fabric markers.

On page 76 of the handbook they show how to make this cute ribbon. It cuts out birthday girl and boy on one cut, so you can just use the one you need and save the other for a future project :) I used red Bazzil paper for the shadow, and Best Occasions glitter paper for the top.

A safety pin and a couple of 3D glue dots was the best way I could figure to be able to attach the ribbon to my daughters shirt. Ok, not the prettiest solution, but I was under a time crunch! I figured this was on the back, so no one would see it anyway :P

This is the Elmo shaped birthday banner on page 64 of the handbook. This is super easy to make! The book even tells you how many pieces you need to cut. I cut one extra piece to put my daughters picture on. I cut this on a 12 x 24 mat, and used Bazzil Basics 12 x 24 paper. (It's great cardstock, and these paper packs are sold only through Oh My Crafts.) I used my Gypsy to I could fit all the pieces on one 12 x 24 sheet.

I used Best Occassions Glitter paper (sold @ Walmart) for Elmo's nose. I like how it gave it a little extra touch. Love any bling on a project!

On page 75 you can find the cut to make this crown. I LOVE THIS! You really need to cut this on a 12 x 24 mat to make this a size big enough to wear. But you could cut some on a smaller mat to make some really cute centerpieces or to decorate a tabletop. There are also stars you can cut to fit on the crown points, and the big star for the birthday girl (or boy). I added some rhinestones in the middle of the little stars, and cut the birthday girl star out of the Best Occasions glitter paper. The border is decorated with Stickles. I had some Elmo stickers on hand that I used to decorate the front. If I had had more time, I would have cut the Elmo head on page 28 instead.

Here is what the crown looks like on. I would like to thank my beautiful model for doing such a good job! !!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!!

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  1. I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear! These Elmo projects are awesome!!! How fun!! The banner is over the top! I hope everyone had fun at the party (but how could they not!)


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