Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cricut Lite B is for Boy cart

Hi Everybody!
Here is a video showing some of the cuts from the B is for Boy new Cricut Lite cart. Please leave a comment, and let me know what you think! Enjoy, and hope everyone had a chance to craft today!


  1. MAJOR Cuteness factor here!! Sooooo stinkin' cute. Your layout makes me wanna get out the old pix of my boys and "scraplift". LOL Have a crafty day!!!

  2. I NEED this cartridge. What cute images thanks so much for sharing!
    Jenny Kozar

  3. TOO CUTE!! I love seeing ideas from the cartridges, this is a keeper!

  4. Too cute ! I'm still on the fence on the lite carts, but them again it's probably cause I'm saving up for some other carts on my wish list :) I do hoe the prices come down too:) Did you get my message about the Riverside show ? So far, I think I will probably be able to go and I found another blogger who lives that lives in our area, I'll pass the info on to her too !

  5. haha....just re read my post and can you say...TYPO ! LOL ! I really need to proof read before I hit send !

  6. Hi Alex :) Glad you like it! I hope the prices come down too, but if they're exclusive @ Walmart, I don't know that they will be cheaper anytime soon :( Oh, and I'll leave a message on your FB page about the show :)

  7. SOOO CUTE!!! Loving those cuts! Thanks for sharing your blog with me! XOXO Momo

  8. I can't wait to get this cart. I have a baby girl but I think it will work just as well for her. I love the way you embellished all of your cuts! Thanks for sharing.

  9. OMG, too cute. I love this cart! it's on my wish list also. Thanks so much for sharing.



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