Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Friday's

Hi Everybody!
I had hinted about this a couple of weeks ago on my FB page, and I am now happy announce that Friday's will be Family Friday @ Crazy About Cricut!  I have 4 kids, and don't always get the time I need/want to craft.  And sometimes life just gets sooooooooo busy!  Family time to me is spending time with the kids. So every Friday I will have a project for a kid, by a kid, or with a kid.  I'm excited to combine the two things in my life that I am most passionate about!  I would love for you all to join me and post your projects.  If we have 1 to 10 projects posted, then those 10 will each get a special thank you from me.  If we get more than 10, we will have a drawing for a prize instead!  The deadline will be the following Thursday.  No matter what the result, I hope everyone marks that day on the calendar so we all make sure we get to spend that quality crafting/family time.  Ok, enough babbling, on to the first project!

Pre-made notebooks are a great project to do with kids.  I found these at Michaels for $1!  What kid doesn't like to have a notebook to draw in, or make as their own little journal?  My 6 year old decorated this notebook using the butterfly from New Arrival, some Stickles, and Peachy Keen stamps.

She added color to the cheeks with Stampin' Up chalks :)

My 7 year old designed this cover using the Paisley cartridge, Stickles, Zig markers, and Peachy Keen stamps.

She colored the cheeks with chalks too:)

That's it!  The cuts from these carts were easy to layer, something you need to consider when putting your projects together.  Thanks so much for joining me on Family Friday and I look forward to seeing all of your creations! 


  1. This is sooo awesome!!!! I wish I could join this week!! But, I am in the middle of moving, I have two trucks to pack and on Sunday we are driving for about 10 hours! We are leaving my kids at my mom's and my sister will drive them next week! So I will for sure join the following friday!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this idea. I will be sure to work on a Back to School project for my students and then post it!

  3. thank you for doing this my little four year old gd loves to craft she will think its cool to post her work.

  4. I added your blog button on my sidebar and will pass on the great thing you are doing

  5. What great projects! They did a fantastic job decorating the notebooks!


  6. This is such a great idea. I just bought a ton of cuttlekids dies from last night. They were on sale for only 2.99. My kids are always in my scrapbook room and they love to play with my cuttlebug so I figured this will entertain them along with my cricut scraps that I cut out.

  7. Thanks for offering this!! We will try to make this a weekly event......we just HAPPENED to do this today and then I click over on your blog and found this.....will you be having us do something specific each week, or whatever???

    ~abbie over at cricut me that

  8. Yay! So excited! My three children love to craft with me. We are so excited!


  9. cute projects. my 10 old granddaughter and I just finished 24 hour Christmas Challenge last week. 24 projects in 24 hours. It was fun but I was so tired, lol

  10. Love this idea!! Thanks for doing this, I definitely hope to participate with my 4yr old daughter.

  11. I've tried to post my entry but it didn't work. I sent you an email though and I'm posting a link here also. Thanks. I think this is probably my favorite challenge.


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