Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Easiest Challenge Ever!

Hi Everybody!
Michelle over at scrappinwithmybug is having the easiest challenge ever!  All she wants us to do is show the aftermath of our "creative workouts"!  So here is mine.  My craft area is a desk in my bedroom, and half of our closet so it doesn't take much for it to look messy!  Here is the tour!

 My little piece of heaven is a desk in my bedroom, and half of my closet.

The part of my desk with the blue cup on it ('gotta stay hydrated during those looooooong crafting sessions!) is actually a pull out section. On those rare days when I'm actually able to clean that part off, I can push that back in. It's nice to have that extra option.

 On top of the hutch, I keep all my paper. The section on the right had a door on it, but it came off when I moved, and it just never made it back on. This works better for me though :)

Ok, I hope you feel better about yourself now! But as long as we all have a table, piece of floor, or corner of our bedroom who cares, as long as we can keep crafting!!! Thanks, and hope everyone has a chance to craft today :)


  1. all these pictures are making me feel so much better! I thought for sure all these scrappers cleaned up after they worked their magic! lol Thanks for sharing! :)

    Yours TruLee
    Ann Marie

  2. Thanks for sharing your space, It looks like at one time you tried to be organized LOL !! My husband appreciates my mess now LOL just giving ya hard time girl!

  3. LOL! I cleaned mine off once and found 2 kids! Ill never do that again! Those things get expensive...And are so demanding of my time!


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