Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Hop Highlight- Pink Cricut

Hi Everybody!
4 days left until the Halloween Hop! Whoo hooo! The next blog in the countdown to the hop is Pink Cricut.   Here's a little bit about Sarah:

I have been a Stay-at-home Mom for almost 3 years now. Before, I “retired,” and became a stay-at-home-mom…I was a Special Education Teacher. I loved my job, but knew that my kids were going to grow up too fast!  I have learned a lot from my son and daughter these few years- and my time to create has dwindled. When I am not crafting, I am playing with the kids or crafting with them!  I started adding video to my blog in April of this year- and it has been so much fun. Although, it has been challenging to find a quiet spot away from kids- so, if you hear them in the background, it is because, they always want to be where Mom is. My family and I live in an awesome neighborhood, where a lot of the women get together to scrapbook together. We go from house to house, and always have a ton of fun! We even get together to exercise during the week! I love to shop, and find good deals- So, you will also see a few, “HAUL” videos mixed in with tutorials and projects! But, I promise I will always tell you where to find the good deals!! Thank you to all of you who have chosen to take time out of your day, to see my creations! It makes me really happy, to be able to share my “work” with you! If you ever have a question, or something you would like to see, don’t hesitate to ask me! I love hearing from you!

Sarah has been VERY busy lately, and getting bigger and bigger in the crafting world.  She has her own stamp line, DVD's, makes videos, has her own sports center......oh wait, not that last one :P  She is a nice helpful person who really believes in the crafting community.  Please go check out what she has going on, and then come back and join us for the hop!!  (Button made by Sarah .)  Thanks, and hope everyone had a chance to craft today :)


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