Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Craft Junkie Too Design Team

Hi Everybody!
Happily, today is another day for us designers on the Craft Junkie Too Design Team!!  This time Tracy wanted us to create Halloween in the Air.  I loved this "assignment", 'cause I love creating things to decorate with.  So here's what I came up with:

  • Holiday Cakes cart
  • orange vinyl
  • black Post-it Paper
  • cut with my Gypsy @ 11.47"

Here's the two pieces on the backing sheets after I cut them out in vinyl.  Ok, honesty time.  These two pieces were cut out of vinyl.  But I did not slow down enough when putting the two layers together, and the dark layer ended up getting mangled.  For the final product I used black Post-it Paper.  For people like me, this stuff is perfect because I can lift it up and reposition it as many times as I want.  It doesn't ever move, though, once you put it down.  It only moves when you lift it up again.  AWSOME stuff!!

 After cutting the shapes out, make sure you take out all the positive spaces you don't want, like the doors, and insides of the windows.

Once your ready to put it on the wall, I HIGHLY recommend using transfer tape.  Just lay the transfer tape over the shape, and burnish it (rub on it firmly with the squeegee).

*Once your shape in on the transfer tape, lay it on the surface that you will be putting it on.  You should clean the surface before you put your vinyl on it, but honestly, I forgot to do that!  It's not a huge deal since this won't be up for too long, but if it's something you're putting up that will be up for a while you probably want to clean the surface so that it will be sure to stick.

*Make sure the shape is where you want it, then burnish (rub firmly) it.  This is when you get out any air bubbles in the vinyl.

*Just peel back the transfer tape sloooowly.  Make sure your shape is clinging to the window, and not still on the transfer tape before you keep pulling back.

*Taaaa-daaaa!  You now have a super cute Halloween window cling!

*Doesn't it look cute with the other Halloween decorations?!?!

There you go, I hope you like it, and don't forget to check out Tracy's blog Craft Junkie Too, she's having some fun stuff coming up!!  TFL, and hope you had a chance to craft today :o)


  1. This is just so cool....thanks for sharing I love it!

  2. I love you vinyl cling it perfect... I must try working with some vinyl now that I see how cute it turns out..
    The Scrapbooking Queen

  3. Love the window cling!! I hope you have a second to check out my CJT DT project too! It fits perfectly with the light-up ghosts I made for the Family Friday DT project!! :)

    Cheryl @

  4. How cute is that! What a great way to decorate the windows. TFS!

  5. I love this! I could totally do this & I'm sold now on the post it paper. Thanks for the great details!

  6. Oh, I forgot....I have one of those pumpkin head guys at my front door too. He's mummy & I got it at a thrift of the best finds I've found!

  7. Oh, really neat! I will have t give it a try!


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