Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Live Chat on NOW!!!!!!!! - over

The chat is now over. Thanks for everybody who joined me!! It was REALLY fun, and I'll be doing it again :oD


  1. my daughter just got new puter-instaled design studio by phone registered-now she did all the updates and it has message-"cdsfontupload has stopped working" what does this mean?

  2. My you have been a busy bee today! TFS

  3. Aww!! Looks like I missed it! Thanks for all the hard work on these posts today Jenny. I have enjoyed taking the time this evening and peeking in on the posts I missed earlier today!!

    Thanks for the timed challenge too... it really gave me a wonderful excuse to pull my boys together and craft something!

    - Cheryl @

  4. wow....great blog...thanks for sharing


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