Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Mickey And Friends Monday!!!

Hi Everybody!
I actually found a reason to be happy about Mondays!  Because that means it's time for Mickey and Friend Mondays!!!  Today my guest designers are two of my amazingly talented design team sisters from Pink By Design.  Check out their beautiful projects, and please click on there names to head to their blogs for more great pictures :) 

My tip is that sometimes The white cuts are too intricate and don't cut, and some of the cuts that are supposed to show black just don't cut all the way... so my best friend... A white & black Gel pen to fill in the gaps :-) I will try to think of a better way to explain it.

Woody was cut at 5.   I did other characters inside and cut them at 3, but they were all cuts of their heads and no bodies

(I ended up using my gel pens a lot because I got tired of using white paper just to cut little eyes out!)

Here's a couple of tips for working with intricate cuts like this (which Disney seems to have a lot of). First, leave all of the little pieces on your Cricut mat while you're assembling the cut. That will make sure you don't lose anything. 
Also, if you want to ink up the little pieces for a little more depth of color, use crafting tweezers, such as Tweezer Bees to hold the little guys. That way you won't drop them and your fingers won't turn into rainbow messes. 
Oh, and another thing...if you're laying out all of the pieces on the base layer, just to see how they fit, make sure your window is closed! One good gust of wind, and I was crawling around on the floor looking for Jiminy's tongue! (Don't worry...I found it!) :o)

I'm so in love with these projects!  I hope they inspire you to try some Disney cuts for yourself, they are soooooo worth it!  Have a Magical Monday!


  1. How darn cute and great tips too!! I have actually resorted to cutting the white base.. main image.. and coloring in. I get so aggravated if the cut is really small .. LOL.. Patience is NOT my virtue.. hehe.. Great job ladies!!


  2. These are amazing ladies! Way to hit it out of the park!!! LOVE, Love, love :)

    - Dawn @

  3. Outstanding! I have done a few of these & the tiny cuts that Disney seems to include drive me crazy. Thanks for the tips.

  4. SO so cute! Awesome job on these ladies! Hugs- Glora

  5. both wonderful projects..whte and black gel pens are life savers with these cuts.

  6. Awesome! Love looking at Disney projects :)

  7. Oh, Jenny, I just love your Disney cards, especially this Jiminy Cricket one! He's my favorite of the older Disney characters aside from all the princesses, of course. Great job on both of them though.


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