Monday, February 20, 2012

Mickey And Friends Monday!!

Hi Everybody!
Welcome to another Mickey and Friends Monday!! Now you can say you have a reason to look forward to Mondays, whoo hooo! Today's MFM is a little different.  The character I'm highlighting today isn't exactly a Disney animated character, but he is a child's character who is loved by everybody............ 

It's Elmo!!!!!  My son recently had an Elmo themed birthday (or as he calls him, Memo!), so I wanted to share some of the projects I made.

*I used the Elmo party cart for all papercrafted projects :) 

*Here is our decorated mantle.
(Elmo balloons compliments of Grandma!)

*I love this banner.  This cart tells you how many banner shapes to cut, and the happy birthday comes as one cut so you don't even have to cut each letter individually!

*This game is also pre-designed on the cart.  It's a "pin the crayon on Elmo" game.
*You cut a crayon out for each player.
*It's super simple to cut and put together!

*I took these little red balls I bought at the Dollar Tree, cut out eyes and a nose from the Elmo cart in vinyl, and I had some simple party themed party favors!
*NOTE:  The vinyl was for appearance only.  It didn't stick to the balls as I had hoped, but they looked cute, and once the kids started bouncing the balls, they didn't really care that the faces fell off, lol!

*I added this cut to a tabletop decoration for a great centerpiece!

*Here is the amazingly cute birthday boy!!  While he has definitely entered the "terrible two's", he can still melt me with those hazel eyes, and adorable face!!!

I hope you enjoyed these projects, and that you will be inspired on how to use your Disney cuts, and all character creations!  Make sure you come back every Monday for some more Disney inspiration. Have a magical day :O)


  1. Love the banner very cute and so is your little birthday boy; thanks for sharing!

  2. Super cute party, Jenny! Adorable! :) Jen

  3. Fabulous! Love that red ball - so clever! And you know, Elmo IS a Muppet and the Muppets are Disney, so technically you have highlighted a Disney character. :)


    P.S. The Birthday Boy has the BEST smile! :)

    1. Yay, thank you for letting me know that Nita!

  4. So fun Jenny! Everything is so cute. I think the balls were my favorite!

    Ruthie :)

  5. Jenny you are an amazing mom!!! How fun is the pin the crayon game!! I love that the cart has that already for you! Awesome!!!!

    Your lil one is quite handsome too! :)

    Kim :)


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