Friday, July 13, 2012

Share Your Creative Spaces Blog Hop!

Hi Everybody!
Welcome to the Share Your Creative Spaces Blog Hop!  Hopefully you just came from visiting MigdaliaIf not, please head on over to see the hop hostess Melissa so you can start this hop from the beginning :)

It's always fun to see other people's spaces, and get new ideas for how to organize your stuff.  Now I definitely do not have a jaw dropping room like some that are out there, but I am lucky to have a little dedicated space for my crafting.  Are you ready to see my crafty cave?  It's hard to show everyting in just pictures, so I also did a video to get an up close and personal view!  Enjoy!

*This is my FAVORITE organizing tool!

(click on title to go to the company store)
Here is the short but sweet line up in case you get lost or need to stop along the way:


  1. Yay - what a fabulous space - been checking back most of the day.So well organised love the paper organiser. TFS your space.

  2. What an awesome crafty space!! I love the wall paper organizer :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. very cool thank you for doing this blog hop

  4. Love your space looks great!

  5. Very nice, I will be watching the video in a bit!

  6. Great space! Love that ink pad holder. Thanks so much for sharing your space!

  7. love seeing your crafty space! You are so quiet! I am used to hearing loud voices I guess LOL!


  8. I love how you show how to fit a wonderful crafty pace into what you have available. Not everyone has a separate room just for crafting (I certainly didn't during my kid's growing up years) and yours is so organized and creative in its use of space. It will encourage others to craft out a spot (so to speak!) out of what is available!

    Janette S.

  9. TFS! What a clever use of space! It love your crafty place.
    Loly Borda

  10. Love your crafty space!My favorite is the vertical paper organizer....


  11. Love your crafting space.
    Aren't you the lucky one to have a handy hubby.
    I love the stamp pad rack he made for you.
    dmcardmaker(@ aol dot com)
    (email follower)


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