Monday, May 11, 2009


Happy Mother's Day! (or really Happy Day After Mother's Day) I know a lot of these blogs are created by moms, so to all of us out there, I hope you all had the great Mother's Day that we deserve! Whether we work or not, single or married, we all deserve a day to honor the hard work that we do every day. Constant overtime, usually no lunch breaks, don't get paid for travel mileage, and "bosses" that are constantly in need of something. But there is no job with a greater bonus, or one that gives us the same satisfaction. Good job, moms!!!

Personally, I had a great Mother's Day. Given the current economy, I opted to stay home, and do whatever I wanted! We have 3 girls (6,4, and 1), so I am usually running around doing something for one of them. So it was really nice to be at home, watching tv, getting showered and dressed....all in a row! I didn't have to shower, then stop and get someone breakfast, then get dressed, and then stop and get someone's get the idea. I could stop and scrap or craft an idea I had when I had the idea, instead of having to wait until 9 or 10 at night. And if someone said they were hungry, or there was a diaper that needed to be changed, my husband took care of it. It was great! Plus my car got a lovely car wash! Then I went to visit my own mom, who also had an equally relaxing Mother's Day. Ok, well, unfortunately, Mother's Day ended yesterday, so today I am back on duty. So I'm off to clean up a bit before picking up my middle princess. Hope everyone gets a chance to craft today!

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