Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Happy! (and) Have you heard???

Ok, first I want to say why I am sooooooooo happy. As a scrapbooker (and card maker, and home decor, and anything else paper crafting!), my camera is very important to me. I am always trying to capture those special moments of my third (and probably *sniffle* last) baby, and any special moments in my family. Well, this doesn't always work out well with being a disorganized person. So about 3 weeks ago, just before my daughter's birthday trip to Disneyland, I COULDN'T FIND THE CAMERA. This freaked me out even more as I thought about the graduations, and vacations coming up. And even more freaked out as I realized nowhere in our budget had I allowed for buying a new camera! Ironically, as I was looking for something ELSE I had lost, my husband proudly pulled our camera out from underneath the couch cushion!!!!!! Boy, if he was getting a good Father's Day present before......... Anyway, life is much happier now!

Ok, and now to explain the second half of my title. Have you heard of the new Cricut cartridges coming out? It's a love hate thing for me when I hear that new cartridges are coming out. I think I would need a full time job just to buy all the cartridges and Cricut stuff alone that I want! A couple that are not yet released are United We Stand, and Simply Sweet. Here are more of the newest cartridges that have been released or are due out in the next couple of months:

A Child's Year
Ashlyn's Alphabet
Hannah Montana
Home Decor
Kitchen & Bath Decor solutions
Life's a Beach
Lyrical Letters
Sponge Bob
Stamped cartridge
Stamping Solutions

For a complete listing of all the Cricut cartridges that have been released so far, check out the Imagine That website. WARNING: This may make you want to buy more cartridges!!

That's all for now. Since I have my camera back, I will be posting some pictures, instructions, and ideas for end of year presents for our hardworking teachers this week. Ok, hope everyone had a chance to craft today!

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