Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! My family and I had a great feast! Sadly, any creativity I have stops when I get in the kitchen. I can follow a receipe, and enjoy making food look pretty, but I don't have any "spice instinct". So I leave the cooking to the ones who can! I'm lucky enough to have a husband who can cook, so he cooks the turkey and yams, while my mom makes the stuffing and other side dishes. It works out really well this way, since the stress of making an entire feast is not all on one person, and we are all able to enjoy ourselves :)

(Sooooooo tasting those yams right now!!)

Ok, so on to the other thing I wanted to talk about. Every year for the holiday season, my kids school has a little holiday boutique where the students can each go and pick one thing to give to someone special. Items are donated by parents, and they can be handmade or bought. Well, I couldn't pass up the chance to make something. I decided to kill two birds with one stone by using up my supplies, while saving money too. I came up with a couple of simple designs for some cards and made 20 cards from 2 card kits that I had in my stash. This was a great way to use up some stuff I had stored in my stash for months, and made it a lot quicker. Then I created about 4 different simple designs and made another 20 cards using only supplies I had in my stash. For these cards, I used scrapbooking kits I had kept in my stash for literally YEARS! I never wanted to throw them away, and selling them seemed to require time I never had. I also had grown so used to using my Cricut to create everything, that I never seemed to have a use for these kits. I apologize, because I forgot to take pictures of all the cards before I packaged them up so here are some of the packs. Here are 2 of the cards I created with the scrap kits:

For this one, some blue paper, a couple of matching flowers, coordinating buttons in the centers, and I was done. Hard to see, but in the bottom right I stamped "Thanks". I then took a white gel pen and "stitched" a border along the top and bottom. (The ribbon is not part of the card, just what I used to tie the 4 cards together.)

This card is similar, with larger flowers, and buttons in the middle. I added some moss green ribbon along the bottom, and again stamped "Thanks" on the bottom right.

I have built up quite a stash in the years I've been doing this great hobby. So I decided to put together some scrap kits with some other supplies I had. I put a bunch of patterned paper together with some die cuts, and stickers. I also threw in a few mini album kits, and slide mount kits I had been holding on to. I felt good that I these supplies were going to go to some use instead of the trash.

I just wanted to throw the idea out there for anyone that might like to help out, but especially right now, just might need to stretch their budget a little bit more. Stay tuned for some more
upcoming projects, including the calendar that I'm creating for presents! Hope everyone had a chance to craft today :)

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