Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love Getting Mail!!!

Hi Everybody!
I was so excited when the mail came today! I recently bought Elmo's Party, and it came today!!! I have been drooling for this cart ever since I heard that it had been created! (See my October 15th post!) Looking through the handbook, there are a LOT of cool things that you can make with it. I can't wait to start trying projects out, because I really want to see how I can make them into things other than elmo. Just to give an idea of what other things you might do with Cricut cuts (made for kids or not), I included a picture of how I decorated one of my little 1 year old's Christmas presents. I made this using the Sesame Street Font cart, but you could use any image. I also made one with Goofy on it for my husband (no, not a description of him, but he does love Goofy!). The wrapping paper has multi-colored dots on it , and a kraft colored background, so while it was sold as Christmas wrapping paper, I think it could be used for a lot more. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Hope everyone had a chance to craft today!

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