Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Star Struck at CHA!!!!!!

Hi Everybody!
It took me a while, but I'm finally getting some time to be able to post about going to CHA. Wow!!! That is the best word I can use to describe my experience going. For those of you that may not know, the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) Supershow is where all the who's who in scrapbooking all come to show all the new things they have coming out. This was the coolest and best scrapbook show I have ever been too! If you ever get a chance to go, I would definitely take the opportunity! They had some fantastic make-n-takes, and most of them were free, so it was a great to be able to play with some of the new product, and see what it can do! I had brought my camera with me, but was so busy looking around I only took like 2 pictures while I was there! I was also due to have my baby the very next day, so I was anxious to look around and see as much stuff as I could! (Sadly, I am STILL pregnant!) But besides all the super awsome stuff I knew I would see at the show, I really wanted to go and meet Robyn, My Pink Stamper.

I totally love her style of crafting and teaching, and since she has 5 kids, she is a total inspiration to me at how she just manages it all. (Plus she included me in her slide show on her website of her CHA experiance. How awsome is that?!?!?!) So that is why I titled this post Star Struck. I got to meet her, and also Karlee (the BFF). I also met Natalie, and Miranda from Custom Crops! They were all SUPER nice, and it was great meeting them!

But there were so many things to do and see. So here are some suggestions as the top 3 things I would make sure to do at CHA next time:

  1. Go to see My Pink Stamper - or whoever is your favorite crafter there.....which should be Robyn :P
  2. Go to the Provo Craft booth! -'cause WOW! They had great make-n-takes, and new products that had everyone with their mouths hanging open! They announced the new Cricut Cake machine. Please click here http://www.cricut.com/cricutcake/for more info on this cake decoration marvel! Provo Craft also has plans to come out with..........5 new machines, and 100 new cartidges in 2010! Click here for more info http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOi5KUQEEyc .
  3. Go to as many make-n-take booths as possible!
Please go ahead and keep scrolling down, and check out some of the goodies I found, and some of the make-n-takes.

This was the super cute make-n-take Robyn had at the My Pink Stamper booth. She also announced her new stamps line, and next DVD! Check those out here: http://www.customcrops.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=my+pink+stamper

This is her first DVD, and it's great!! This was the one thing I made sure I bought!

This was one of the make-n-takes at the Provo Craft booth. This was to highlight the YourStory. PC will soon be coming out with cardstock covers in addition to the hardcover ones they have now. How cute is this?! It's a great idea to tie the treats on there.

Close up of the embossing folder we used on the cover. This is a must have for Valentines!!

These are the pages we put together for the inside. We had to attach the pink matting, and the hearts.

This was one of my favorite products I found. You'll think differently now when you think of Post it! As the demonstrator at the booth said "It will always be repositionable, but it will never fall off." Boy, that sold me!

This was the cute card we made with the Post it craft paper. VERY easy to work with, and if you put it in a spot you didn't like, you just lifted it right back up and could move it. I can just imagine how well this would work with Cricut cuts. Since it already has adhesive on the back, and you just peel it like a sticker, layering would be a breeze!!

This was the project to make at the Oh My Crafts booth the day I went. I love the patterned paper. The way the woman showed me how to wrap the paper strip around a pencil, and curl it like ribbon was a great tip! Also the project was quick and easy to put together :)

These party favors from Bo Bunny also looked like they had so much possibility that I had to buy them!

I hope everyone got a taste of what CHA is. As always, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Hope everyone had a chance to craft today!


  1. It was so nice to meet you, too!! I can't believe you haven't had your baby yet!!

  2. Hi There! We had such a great time meeting everyone at CHA and being a part of Robyn, My Pink Stamper's, booth.
    Hope you are doing well!
    Natalie from Custom Crops


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