Monday, July 26, 2010

To Cover or Not to Cover?

Hi Everybody!
I posted the question on my FB page of "Do you cover your bug, or do you let it run wild and free?".  Most people covered their bugs, but some who covered it said the cover ended up next to their bug since they used their bug so much!  So I thought I would show what I use to cover mine.  I bought this ladybug vinyl cover on ebay over a year ago, and I love it.  This was before I thought of covering my bug with vinyl.  Thanks for looking, and hope everyone has a chance to craft today :o)


  1. I don't cover mine....I keep it in the original box. :)

    But I would cover it if I didn't keep it in the box for sure.


  2. that is such a cute cover. Karle xoxo

  3. I have one of those covers I decorated in vinyl, and I must say it is rarely on it. I keep the cover in a drawer next to my scraps ! LOL what a waste of money that was LOL

    BTW- I love this song you have playing, most of the music on blogs are really bad, and this is the first one I have actually liked, makes me smile! Michelle

  4. I don't cover mine or any of my other crafting machines. Once upon a time I bought a cover for my sewing machine and never used it, so that taught me a lesson to save my money.

  5. LOVE all the li'l ladybugs on there. I wonder why, eh? lol


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