Sunday, November 14, 2010

Look What I Got!

Hi Everybody,
Look what I got!!! 

Jennifer N Nate VanPelt (on Facebook) from My Mental Instability and Debbie over DD's Crafts both awarded me with a My Blog has Attitude Award!!  Thank you both SOOOOOOO much for honoring me with this.  Jennifer's blog is SO much fun, and has fantastic projects! And I have had so much fun watching Debbie's blog grow, and grow, and love all the awsome inspiration she gives!  And I still get such a thrill from people enjoying my blog, and that they like it, they really like it!! LOL  Ok, so when I got this award, I have to list three things that are different about me that make me different from everyone else:

1. I'm honest, not brutally honest, but I think it just takes too much energy to remember a story I made up to cover up the lie!  

2. I am the WORST liar ever!  I do my best to be nice, though.  Like if someone asks "How do I look?"  I'll say something like, maybe a different shirt would look better.................

3. I really love being a Stay-at-Home-Mom.  I definitely don't think this life is for everybody, and I definitely want to run out of the house screaming sometimes.  But then I just need some alone crafting time, and talk to my blogger and Facebook friends for a while, and all is right with the world!!

Ok, and now on to the 5 blogs that I HAPPILY get to pass this award to:

1.  - Janis has a GREAT personality that really comes through her blog, and has AMAZING projects!!  I did a hop with her not long ago, and she was so fun to work with, and was cracking me up on the Facebook message thread we had going!

2. - Michelle is my commenting QUEEN.  She always leaves me comments on my blog, cracks me up on Facebook, and is an awsome friend :O)

3. - I was already familiar with Erika's blog before, but I got to know her better when she became a part of my Family Friday design team.  She is a GREAT person, with a great blog!

4. - I also have gotten to know Raven more as part of my Family Friday DT.  She has some BEAUTIFUL projects, and always gives great inspiration.  I'm so glad she's part of my team!

5. - I love Candace!!  She has the absolute CUTEST stuff that she makes, and the stuff for her craft fairs are awsome.  She is also so gracious to share how she makes the stuff with some great tutorials.  Thanks Candace!!

Display this badge proudly in your sidebar and link it to the Digi's With Attitude! Challenge Blog. To qualify for the $5.00 Digi's With Attitude! Store Gift Certificate please read the guidelines HERE.

Thanks again you guys, and I hope all the new recipients enjoy their award!!


  1. You are spectacular (notice I refrained from using the word awesome)!!!!!! Thank you so much! I'll re-post this on my blog, but it's going to be so hard to narrow down who I'd want to pass it on to. Hugs!! :) Janis

  2. congrats you deserve any blog award out!

  3. Congrats you totally deserve it! Thanks soo soo much!! I wil proudly post this on my blog!!

    Lots of Cricut love,

  4. thanks girl, I will be back to ge tthis, I gotta go play cards with my little girl !!! thanks so much I feel like we know each other even though weve never met !!!
    p.s have I told you I LOVE your playlist LOL LOL

  5. How awesome. Your blog does have tude. lol Thank you so much for passing this on to me I'm so honored!!! I love #3 I love being a stay at home mommy too and running out of the house screaming has crossed my mind lol. I'll post this right now.

  6. Hey miss,

    You won some candy on my blog today, during the So Many Minis Blog Hop... email me with your addy at mapottie (at) yahoo (dot) ca and I will get it in the mail for you :)



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