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Cooking With Cricut - Favorite Project of 2011 Challenge

Hi Everybody!
This week we are looking back at the projects we made this past year and re-posting our favorite projects. We want to see your favorite projects too! So head back in time and re-post the project that you think was one of your favorites.

I chose to re-post this Nemo Frame the Happy Hauntings cartridge and Best of Pixar cartridge. If you didn't see it the first time around I am glad you get this chance to check it out. If you did see it, I hope you enjoy it the second time around too!

I love making home decor things with my Cricut, and this project is one of my favorite things to make! Using the frame on the Happy Hauntings cartridge (I know, I just love Halloween and can’t let it go, lol!), my kids and I made this frame for my husband for Father’s Day. While it was a Father’s Day present, we made it so it could be used for any occasion. Here are the details:
  • Happy Hauntings cartridge
  • Best of Pixar cartridge
  • 3 pieces of thin chipboard (or cereal boxes)
  • blue, orange, white and green cardstock
  • green, and crystal Stickles
You’ll need to cut your supplies in the following sizes:
P. 68 in the Happy Hauntings handbook:
  1. frame (frame + shift key) cut @ 7″
  2. back of frame (layer 1 key) cut @ 7″
  3. frame stand (layer 1 key + shift) cut @ 7″
P. 21 in the Best of Pixar handbook:
  1. Nemo1 cut @ 2.25″
  2. orange layer (Nemo1 + shift key) cut @ 2.25″
  3. white layers (layer 1 key)
  4. tounge (layer 1 + shift key)
P. 23 in the Best of Pixar handbook:
  1. Marlin cut @ 2.33″
  2. orange layer (marlin +shift key) cut @ 2.33″
  3. white layer (layer 1 key) cut @ 2.33″
P. 29 in the Best of Pixar handbook:
  1. seaweed (icon key) cut @ 5″
  2. seaweed (icon + shift key) cut @ 5″
P. 33 in the Best of Pixar handbook:
  1. orange fish (icon key-use hide contour to hide little fish) cut @ 4.5″
Now onto the project:

Before making your project, make sure the chipboard you are using is not too thick. To give you an idea, the chipboard on top is from cereal boxes. The one on the bottom is some packaging that came with photos.

Make sure you use a VERY sticky (or new) mat when cutting chipboard. If you don't, the chipboard may slip when being cut. Carefully peel back the chipboard.

This is what you should have once you have cut
all your pieces out for the frame itself. The wavy blue layer goes onto the wavy chipboard piece. The solid wavy piece goes behind the wavy chipboard piece. The last piece is the stand. This gets adhered to the back of the solid wavy piece.

I layed out all the cuts on my Gypsy. I group all the pieces by color. The pieces in the upper left are the black cuts, and the lower left are the orange cuts. The upper right are the white cuts, and the lower right are the pink cuts (Nemo's tounge).

Here's how the paper's match up with how I layed it out on my Gypsy.

Here's a tip for the Disney cuts. They all have the complete design cut on them, and the layers have a little black mat around them (not a shadow cut). This means they will not line up with the outside. Use the lines on the inside of the cuts as a guide.

Here are all the frame pieces put together.

Here's the back of the frame put together.

Since this is a paper frame, you need to give it a little extra support. Punch a hole towards the bottom of the stand, and in the frame back. Thread the ribbon through one hole and tie a knot. Do the same with the other hole. This ribbon will keep the frame from collapsing


I used the Animated Greetings set. This was the perfect sentiment!!

Add some crystal Stickles for some 3D bubbles, pop dot some seaweed and you get........

......this super cute frame to give someone special!

There ya go! I hope you like it, and will try one yourself.  If you do, please post it on the Pink By Design messageboard so we can all check it out!! TFL, and be sure to check out all the challenges, swaps, and more going on in the community :o  

Please be sure to visit the Cooking With Cricut blog to see what the other design team members have cooked up for you this week. You have until next Tuesday to enter this week's challenge for a chance to win a fabulous prize from our sponsor, Click HERE to enter.


  1. I love this frame and love the idea of sharing your favorite of the to decide.

  2. I can certainly see why this was your favorite project of the year. This is just a fabulous frame!!!

  3. Like the Nemo frame. Thanks for sharing the details. I like Pixar Disney. Looking forward to new movie next yr titled Brave.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. Super cute frame!! I had to go back and read the post because I knew I had seen you post the frame before LOL! I love it!!

    Kim :)

  5. Great looking frame! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!
    Happy New Year!


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