Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get Scrap N Tote On The Shelf!

Hi Everybody!
Walmart is launching a "Get on the Shelf" contest.  This is where they list products and you can vote for which ones you would like to see sold at Walmart.  The owner/creator of Marlo of Scrap N Tote (and Scrap N Easel) from Contain Ya Crafts is lucky enough to have her Scrap N Tote in this contest!!!!

I LOVE my Contain Ya Crafts products, and love how the Scrap N Tote makes it so easy to find all my carts and keep them organized.  PLEASE help by voting for Scrap N Tote in the Walmart "Get on the Shelf" contest!

Here's our chance to let Walmart know that we need our crafting supplies!! Go to'n-Easel to vote.  You can also vote by texting 3091 to 383838 (make sure you know your rates for texting).  You can vote daily, so please head over each day!  Voting goes until March 21st.  Thank you so much in helping to support the crafty community!!

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