Thursday, October 5, 2017

Check out the Chalk Couture Family!

Hi Everybody!
Ok, so time for some truth peeps.  We've all had the thought of, "I need more hours in a day!!.  We've also taken a look around our rooms and realized how naked those walls are.  And we have definitely  longingly looked at those home decor projects we've started, but didn't have time to finish.  What if there was a way to actually create something gorgeous, but quickly??

Introducing Chalk Couture!  

I am a stay at home mom of 4 busy (and awesome) kids, and life can definitely get crazy!  But my house is desperately in need of some style and color.  So when I started seeing the projects that the designers from Chalk Couture were creating, and how FAST they were doing it I was hooked!

The basic process is taking a transfer, laying it onto a surface, then applying the chalk paste.  Finally, peel up the transfer, and marvel at your gorgeous creation!  (Scroll down to the previous post, or click HERE to see me show the process in a video.)

Here are the main details we all want to know...

Here's what all that looks like:

But wait, there's more!!!

*To remain active, it is only $150 per quarter.
*Designers get a website, app, and 1 free transfer a month for only $25 a month - first month is FREE!
*40% discount on orders placed through the back office. 
*25% discount for online orders.
*An amazing one-time 50% discount code!

I have to say the biggest reason I decided to join this company was to create gorgeous artwork to decorate my house.  The added bonus of extra income, and creating/working with other amazing designers makes it all the more better!

I hope all of this gets you wanting to join the Chalk Couture family, or at least wanting to know more!  Please email me at with any and all questions you may have!  You can also drool check out the amazing products over on my website at:

TFL, and hope everyone has a chance to create today :)

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